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Currently all of Yolo County is in a D3 state of drought which is considered Extreme Drought conditions.  The Esparto Community Services District is currently in an observation and monitoring stage. Our well levels are trending below historical recorded drought year’s ground water level measurements.  It is important that we keep making conservation a way of life, as we live in a traditionally dry climate. 

In an effort to conserve water, the Esparto CSD is:

  • Reducing watering of public spaces such as Tuli Mem Park and Esparto Central Park
  • Stopped watering detention ponds
  • Requested the Esparto Unified School District to reduce watering of landscape
  • Assisting customers with leak detection 
  • Communicating with community members on ways everybody can conserve water

Click here to learn more about things you can do to conserve water.  Using water wisely will ensure that we have enough water in dry years and for generations to come.