About Us

Welcome to Esparto Community Services District

The Esparto Community Services District is a Special Service District that has been serving area residents since 1969.  The district operates under the “Community Services District Law,” being section 61000 et seq. of the California Government Code. The district operates and maintains the production wells, water distribution system, wastewater treatment facility, and sewer collection systems within the community of Esparto and provides maintenance services for neighborhood parks, detention basins and street lighting. 

We are committed to providing safe, high quality water and wastewater services to our community and maintaining our parks, and related infrastructure, in an efficient and cost-effective manner while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.

We operate and maintain the district’s production wells to provide a safe, high quality, potable water supply for the community. ECSD operates, maintains, and repairs the community’s water distribution system, including water mains, service connections, valves and fire hydrants. We read, test, repair and replace water meters on the district’s water system and provide water turn-on and turn-off services.

We operate, maintain and repair the district’s sewer collection system and wastewater treatment facilities to treat and dispose of the wastewater (sewage) collected from within the community.  ECSD operates, maintains, and repairs the community’s sewer mains and laterals, wastewater lift (pump) stations and provides safe sanitary services.

Storm Water
ECSD maintains the community’s storm drainage catch basins

We provide maintenance services for our neighborhood parks including mowing, vegetation care, irrigation, weed abatement, restroom cleaning, and trash collection.

ECSD maintains safe and healthy water quality at the Tuli Mem Park swimming pool, maintains all pool equipment, restrooms and trash collection.

Street Lights

Notice a street light in need of maintenance? Contact us at (530) 787-4502


Below is a photo of our current service area.

Updated map