About Us

At Esparto Community Services District, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all our residents!

The Esparto Community Services District was originally formed May 12, 1960 and was called the Esparto Sanitary District.  The original board members were Fred Storz, Robert Keisler, Don Warren, Joseph T. Lindberg and Louis Giminez.  On September 12, 1961, the board approved the purchase of 20 acres for the first sewer ponding area for $20,000.   The first employee of the district was William Lee Findley, who began working for the district on July 9, 1962.

We have grown substantially over the years.  We currently:

  • Provide water and sewer connections to 959 households and businesses
  • Have 4 active wells
  • Have 10 sewer ponds on a total of 40 acres
  • Have seven employees
  • Contract with Yolo County to service our town’s detention basins, parks and aquatic center
  • Comply with all state and local mandated water and sewer rules and regulations.
  • Work with contractors on all planned housing within our District boundaries

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and commitment to provide the best possible service to our community and customers.

Below is a photo of our current service area.


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