2015 will be remembered as the year of the drought, water conservation regulations from the Governor’s desk and as the year came to a close, the arrival of El Nino.  Our hopes are high that El Nino will bring us large amounts of badly needed rain.

2015 is also the year that we added Well 5(b).  Drilled to a depth of 1200′ and constructed at our Woodland Ave location, Well 5(b) is an excellent producer and assures the Esparto Community of high quality drinking water for many years into the future.


** Fremont Bridge water main update:

We made three proposals to the Yolo County Engineering department to repair the damaged water main running under the bridge on Fremont Street. They approved our third and most costly option to bore in a new 240 foot segment of pipe at depth of approximately 20 feet. This new line segment will clear the bottom of the current footings and will provide many years of service to the community. The work to expose the tie-in points in front of the shut-off valves will start 7/21/2016 and the new pipe will be delivered and fused on-site the week of 7/25/2016. Once the new pipeline is constructed the subcontractor, Pacific Utility Construction, will complete the bore and installation of the new line.

7/22/16 – We have obtained the Yolo County Permit and the work will commence Monday morning, 7/25/16. We hope to have the new line sanitized and in service by Tuesday 7/26/16.  The road will be re-opened to the public once the patching is completed by the County.

7/26/16 – The bore and installation of the new pipeline was successful. Once the new line is sanitized and pressure checked, it will be put back in service.  The County will be completing the road repair and have the road re-opened ASAP.

8/1/16 – The replacement water line was complete 7/27/16 and returned into service as scheduled. We have spoken to the County and they have us on the schedule to repair the road and re-open it today.