1. Is there a fee to open a new account?
        Yes. It is $25.00.
      2. How often do I get billed for the services?
      3. When does the District bill out its customers?
        The District bills out its customers the first week of the month.
      4. When is the final due date for the current months billing?
        It is the last day of that month.
      5. When would my current month bill be late?
        The first day of the following month.
      6. Is there a penalty, and if there is, how much is it?
        Yes. The Penalty is 10% of the previous month.
      7. If I am more than one month behind, is there any interest charged, and if there is, how much is it?
        Yes. There is an interest charge on anything older than 30 days, the charge is 1%.
      8. When would my services get turned off for non-payment?
        Your services will be turned off once you have any money owing past 60 days.
      9. Will I get a notification of my services being shut off?
        Yes, you will receive a red card in the mail inside an envelope, rather than your normal blue card, stating what is past due and what day the shut off will be.*Recommendation at that point: Pay what is past due by the due date, and/or, contact the office either in person or by phone, as this will be the only notice you will receive.
      10. If my water is turned off for non-payment is there a charge for it being turned off, and also a charge to have it turned back on?
        Yes. There is a charge of $24.00 for a turn off, and there is a charge of $24.00 to have it turned back on.
      11. How can I pay my bill?You can pay with cash, money order, or personal check.Mailing Address:
        P.O. Box 349
        Esparto, CA 95627Physical Address:
        26490 Woodland Avenue
        Esparto, CA 95627Phone & Fax Numbers:
        P. 530-787-4502
        F. 530-787-4219
      12. Where can I drop my payments off after hours?
        The district has a drop box to the left of the front door of the district office at: 26490 Woodland Avenue, which has 24 hour access.
      13. What does an average customer pay for residential services?
        Water: $52.00
        Sewer: $40.50
        Street Lights: $1.73
      14. Does the district own and maintain the street lights?
        No. The street lights are owned and maintained by PG&E – 800-743-5000, the district only collects the monies for the electricity and pays toward one street light bill through a mutual agreement with PG&E.
      15. Does the district have meters?
      16. How many gallons in a “unit” of water?
        748. Each Unit = 1 hundred cubic feet (hcf)